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Lisp on Bare Metal for Makers

About the MakerLisp Machine

A Maker Machine with Vintage Software Style

If you're a Lisp hacker who wants to get down to bit-ness :), this is the embedded Lisp system for you !

The MakerLisp Machine is a portable, modular computer system,  designed to recapture the feel of classic computing, with modern hardware. The CPU is a Zilog eZ80 running at 50 MHz, which supports up to 16 Mb of zero wait state RAM. The system software is 'MakerLisp', a 'Lisp on Bare Metal' system that allows direct access to system hardware, while providing the concise expressive power of a functionally complete Lisp environment. The machine is also an ideal platform for an extended CP/M. A full system configuration is pictured above, with CPU, expansion board, USB keyboard, and VGA display, in the laser-cut wood 'MakerStation' enclosure.

>>> NEWS <<<

5/1/2019: Playing games on the MakerLisp Machine ! Steve Losh manifested this awesome retro-recreation for the Lisp Game Jam 2019, using MakerLisp and the Makerlisp Machine !

4/22/2019: Pre-orders have been filled, products are in stock and available for sale ! MakerLisp is officially released, please check the Download page for the latest source and release notes, and the Buy page for  information on products, prices, and ordering !

4/12/2019: Really fun talk and meeting with the LispNYC meetup group, made some new friends, got lots of good ideas and feedback on ways to make the project better. Thank you all !

3/23/2019-3/24/2019: Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest

was awesome, I met so many interesting people, who really respond to the vintage vibe !

2/2/2019: I had a great time meeting everyone at the Bay Area Lisp & Scheme User's Group, on Saturday, February 2nd. Thank you !

This talk is a little dense but if you're interested, there's a bunch of information about the machine and the MakerLisp software system.

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