MakerLisp Source Preview

To build a MakerLisp demonstration on Linux:

  1. Unzip, the contents will be deposited in ./preview. 
  2. In ./preview, compile: cc -olisp -O3 -Wall -I. lisp.c platform.c -lm
  3. Start: ./lisp
  4. There are demonstration programs/functions in ./preview, for example, 'cat.l', 'hello.l', 'fact.l', and 'sieve.l'. At the MakerLisp (">") prompt, start a program by using the name of the file, minus the extension, as the function name, for example "(hello)", "(fact 4)", "(sieve 30)", or "(cat 'cat.l)".
  5. 'lisp.c.txt" is posted here as a reading reference, it is identical to lisp.c in ./preview.

lisp.c (txt)


preview1 (zip)